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Our Mission for Retirement Plans

We know wealth management services can be costly and confusing. Which is why we take pride in our 401(k) services to help provide retirement savings and access. Our goal is to provide an effective retirement savings vehicle to all generations and populations who have lacked access. 401(k) Plans are convenient, accessible, and may be the foundation for some people's retirement. Often these retirement plans costs are the fraction of some wealth management services, with no minimums and retirement education for any knowledge level. 

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State Mandated Retirement Plans and Your Company's Choices

We support retirement and retirement plans, wholeheartedly. We've dedicated our lives to helping businesses support their employees with retirement plans like 401(k). However, some State Mandated Retirement Plans fall short of their intended purpose.

Why should you care?

Possible fines - Owners and Highly Compensated Employees can't participate - Limited tax benefits & credits - Low savings - Limited investments -      No Customization - Limited/No Tax Deferred Options - Limited/No Professional Guidance

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1 in 3 employees uses 46% of their workday stressing over personal financial issues.*<span class="Apple-converted-space">&#160;</span>

1 in 3 employees uses 46% of their workday stressing over personal financial issues.* 

When your employees are stressed, they are less efficient, make more mistakes, and may be more prone to illness. You have the opportunity to offer them a valuable tool that could help decrease their financial stress and increase their overall financial wellness. 

For companies from emerging, fast-paced industries, it can be a challenge to provide the retirement program that you want, especially if some providers don’t even offer you the option. We help mitigate these hurdles by facilitating conversations with the right industry professionals and educating you about your options.

*Employee Wellness Survey, PWC 2017


How does your company’s retirement plan stack up among other plans of the same size and within the same industry? 

We help you assess and evaluate your business’s plan to see how it compares to others. Then, we help you address potential issues so that you know what your retirement plan needs to be more competitive in the job market. 

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A 401(k) or retirement plan is not only a competitive benefit for attracting new employees – it’s also a tool to use for retaining your current ones. Work with Alpha Pointe Capital to benchmark your company’s retirement plan in the marketplace or establish one with an employer matching program. 

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