HR Manager Thinks Ahead

Thinking Ahead during a Retirement Plan Rollout is Crucial for the plan's success... Here's a story of one HR Manager who understood the value of a well thought out timeline for employee education

How does your plan stack up amongst other plans of the same size and industry?

We can help you see where you are versus other plans to help address potential issues so you know better what it takes to have a competitive plan.

Quick turnaround Benchmarking and Evaluations*

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One in three employees often use 46% of their workday stressing over personal financial issues

Many employees spend your time stressing over their own financial issues, not on the tasks at hand. * We recognize that Financial Wellness is as important as your physical health, our Dynamic Financial Wellness Program seeks to address financial health with finance related topics such as personal finance, investing, retirement, modern family financial issues, liability management, topics on taxes, and many other important facets to finance. We offer this to companies, hospitals, non-profits, schools, and many other organizations.

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*Employee Wellness Survey, PWC 2017 *Alpha Pointe Capital is not a legal or tax advisor. Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network and Alpha Pointe Capital are not legal or tax advisors. You should consult with your attorney, accountant and/or estate planner before taking any action.
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Dynamic Financial Wellness

A Financial Wellness Program may be a great complement to your retirement benefits package...

·         Help Reduce Workplace Stress

·         Complements Existing Wellness Programs

·         Help Improve Workplace Culture

·         Help Enhance Productivity

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