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Tax Advantaged Fixed Income and Cash Management

  Dependable, reliable, and lower stress investing. This is Fixed Income...

Alpha Pointe Capital's experience will custom design portfolios that bring you regular payments. How?

Searching for lower stress investments? U.S. Government Obligations or Certificates of Deposit may help.

What can you expect? Your portfolio is customized for your needs. Your portfolio can address taxes, liquidity, time horizon, and risk tolerance.

Needing higher yields? Some clients like the higher returns of Corporate Bonds Preferred Stocks.

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Tax-Free income? We can help with that...


Owning your State's Municipal bonds may qualify for Triple-Tax Exempt income.            

Looking for tax-free income? Consider Tax-Free Municipal Bonds or Annuities.

These are a few of the main instruments we use for clients looking for income.

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Cash Management

No yield on your CD's? Tired of low yielding money markets? Exhausted with the bank?

Our Cash Management services are able to look beyond what the bank pays. We explore prudent and conservative options with reasonable interest rates. Some of our solutions can be effective to maximize after tax returns on cash.

While Fixed Income investing involves interest rate risk; re-investment risk; and credit risk. Let our experience help be your guide for cash management solutions.

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